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Deeply regretting his action, he kept a tight lid on his feelings. I still think the author should have made the extra one a series, there are many things that i can think of that can still happen based on it's plot....

But now, being with Noboru again is bringing all those heated memories back, as if they were never gone to begin with. It's unique (with the bro being a ghost ) and cute compared to the main one that's kinda cliche with the protagonist forcing his crush in a kiss. Last updated on May 6th, 2015, am I really loved that the protagonist was torn up about (as a kid) when forcibly kissed his crush.

And that he was determined to be gentle if he ever got a second chance.

It's so refreshing to read something like that, where the character actually cares about the safety and comfort of their loved one. "Let's just skip all the other bull**** and get to the good part. I kind of wish we had one more chapter with the main couple instead of the extra on the writer at the end.

To my surprise this turned out to be the first of a series of great findings, really different to my previous reads, by the pen of Suzuki Tsuta.

The art it’s so simple that it turns out to be completely beautiful, yes, it might sound weird but that’s it, and I ended up loving it.

It’s one that enhances the feeling of the story, draws you in even more.

He starts experiencing really strange events at night and, when he discovers that those are somehow related to the owner’s son, Atsuhi, he tries to get close to the boy and unravel the mystery.

This shonen-ai focuses on the concept of acceptance of the loved people, just as they are, even if their understanding of happiness is totally different from what is expected by everyone.

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